EDI Capable

Send information seamlessly using modern technical standards

ToxFusion is EDI capable

A major buzzword in the area of health information technology is “interoperability.”  People want to know, “Will this product play nice with the products I already own?”  ToxFusion aims to enhance the secure sharing of data for improved patient experience, and to accomplish this we’ve designed our order entry and results portal to be EDI capable.

Being prepared for efficient electronic data interchange means ToxFusion will flow seamlessly with EMRs, EHRs, LISs, and LIMs.  With the support of the expert help desk at Camino Information Services, ToxFusion can be quickly and painlessly deployed.

Order entry and results portals must be EDI capable in today’s world of interoperability, and with HL7 standard secure data transmission, ToxFusion meets the highest standards.


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